Advantage Club Terms & Conditions

  1. MyHouse Advantage membership is issued by MyHouse (Aust.) Pty Ltd. MyHouse reserves the right to withdraw membership at any time.
  2. The MyHouse Advantage Club membership number can be used at all MyHouse stores and at
  3. To earn a discount and/or redeem a special offer, the Advantage Club card or number must be presented at the checkout (either in store or online) when requested. Otherwise, the discount and/or special offer cannot be processed properly. (If you have joined online, this process will be automatic).
  4. Any discounts and/or special offers associated with the Advantage Club program are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash.
  5. The promoter of MyHouse Advantage Club, which is also the owner of the scheme (MyHouse (Aust) Pty Ltd) is located at 8A/11 Lord Street, Botany NSW 2019.
  6. By applying for or by being a part of the Advantage Club, the member agrees to be bound by the MyHouse Advantage Club Terms and Conditions as varied from time to time.
  7. Only individuals can apply for Advantage Club membership. A person wishing to apply for an Advantage Club membership must complete and sign the application form and apply at any MyHouse store or at A person may only have one (1) Advantage Club member number. Corporations cannot apply. Cards cannot be held jointly.
  8. MyHouse is not responsible for stolen or vouchers associated with the program.
  9. Birthday Vouchers are permitted to be used to purchase Gift Cards. The Birthday Voucher code must be the original code that was allocated to your individual email address linked to your Advantage Club membership. Other Birthday Voucher codes will not be accepted. Limit of one Birthday Voucher code per order. Limit of one Birthday Voucher code per person per year.
  10. All Advantage Club promotional vouchers and related material remain the property of MyHouse.
  11. Any questions regarding the Advantage Club should be referred to MyHouse on 1300360217 or
  12. In case of dispute, the decision of MyHouse shall be final and binding.
  13. MyHouse reserves the right to suspend, change or terminate the Advantage Club at any time without prior notice and without liability.