Buying Guide to Sheets

Sheets. Health professionals tell us to spend eight hours a day between them. While it may seem simple, finding the right sheet sets can be surprisingly complex, but nothing to lose sleep over with the help of our expert guide to buying sheets. Whether you need a material to suit the season, or whether you’re looking for a certain feature or characteristic, we’re here to help you determine the best bed linen to maximise your quality of sleep.



How do you want your sheets to feel?

Silky and Luxurious

You'll love a sateen weave. Choose between our Alexander (Egyptian Cotton), Riley (Bamboo Cotton) and Langley (Cotton Sateen) ranges.

Smooth and crisp

Consider sheets with a cotton percale weave. The best sheets to buy would be our Spencer printed sheet sets.

Warm and fluffy

Flannelette material is wonderfully warm and snuggly. Try our Blake and Haven flannelette sheet sets made from 100% cotton.

Lightweight breathable

The best sheets to buy would be our Riley Bamboo Cotton range or our newest Willow Milk Cotton range. Both soft, silky, breathable and eco-friendly.

Comfortable and cosy

Jersey material is low maintenance, versatile, affordable and above all, comfortable – like your favourite t-shirt. View our Jersey Sheet Set range here.

Warm and thick

Try sheets with a high thread count. The best sheets to buy are our superior St Regis (1000 TC) and Woolwich (1200 TC) ranges.


What thread count do you want?

When buying bedding online, be sure to keep in mind that thread count is only one minute part of the equation. The type of fibre, size of the yarn and how it is finished all contribute to the overall quality. Generally, the higher the thread count, the thicker the sheet will be. The images below are a helpful guide to buying sheets.

250 - 400


Here you can see a standard thread count of between 250 and 400 above. Note that there are less threads per square inch than in the other thread counts. This is something to consider when you go to buy bed sheets.

400 - 600


As the thread count increases, so do the number of fibres, or threads, within a 1 square inch area.

600 - 1000


In the case of high thread count sheets, 1000 and above, the density of fabric becomes very high with 1000 threads per square inch. This generally results in a heavier and very smooth feeling fabric.



How soft do you like your sheets?

Cotton sheets are softer when the cotton fibres are combed or brushed, which removes any short or uneven fibres. The combing leaves behind long, straight fibres that are even and aligned- which makes for a soft, strong yarn. Explore our bedding online to find out which sheet set is right for you.



MyHouse Sheets Guide

  CollectionFeaturesFeels like

St Regis

Egyptian cotton
1000 Thread count
Sateen weave
Narrow jacquard stripe
High grade Egyptian cotton
Heavy weight
Hotel style
Very luxurious


Cotton / Polyester
1200 Thread count
Cotton weave
Polyester on the underside
High grade Egyptian cotton
Light weight
Easy care and durable


Milk Cotton
375 Thread count
15% milk, 85% brushed cotton
Light weight
Easy care


Egyptian cotton
400 Thread count
Sateen weave
Medium weight
Soft cotton sateen


Cotton / Bamboo
Sateen weave
Light - medium weight


365 Thread count
Sateen weave
Light - medium weight


Cotton / Bamboo
Sateen weave
Light - medium weight


Washed Cotton
250 Thread count
Soft cotton
Light weight
Comfort and practicality


Cotton percale
250 Thread count

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