Product Guide to Towels

Making sure you pick the right towel for you and for the look of your bathroom is easy at MyHouse. We have compiled the below towel buying guide to help you decide correctly. Expert knowledge meets premium product quality as we pride ourselves on creating the best towels Australia has to offer. The main things to consider when browsing towels online are:



Weights of Towelling

When sourcing the best towel to buy, you should consider weight. This is not the only factor but generally, a heavy towel feels warm and luxurious when wrapped around you. Medium weight towels are just as absorbent but are lighter, cooler and often faster drying.



2. Types of Cotton Towelling and Towel Quality Guide


Egyptian cotton towels

Consider the world’s finest cotton, hand picked in Egypt. Egyptian Cotton yarns are known for their superior softness, strength and absorbency. We have used our expertise to determine a weight and size that ensures our Celene Bath Towel is Australia’s most luxurious towel ever. The strength of the Egyptian Cotton fibres create a strong and durable towel that is resistant to stress.

Bamboo Cotton towels

Bamboo Cotton is silky soft, breathable and highly absorbent. This makes our Riley Bamboo Cotton Towel a very high quality bath towel, being both a luxurious and practical choice. The anti-bacterial properties of Bamboo Cotton also make it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Turkish cotton towels

Considered one of the world’s highest quality cottons, grown in the Aegean part of Turkey. Like a work of art for your bathroom, our Mia and Zola patterned towel ranges will add elegance and charm to your space. Carefully constructed with premium two-ply, Turkish combed cotton; these contemporary designs will not only look stylish, but are also super absorbent and sumptuously soft.



Bath Towel Size Guide - What size towel do I need?

MyHouse provides a full range of sizes to ensure you have all the bathroom accessories you desire. The below chart summaries each of the sizes available in our towel range.


 Collection Face Washer Hand Towel Queen Towel
(Standard Bath Towel)
King Towel
(Bath Sheet)
Bath Mat
 Celene (NEW) X X X X X
 Riley X X X    
 Resort X X X    
 Mia and Zola   X X    




MyHouse Towels Guide

  CollectionFeaturesFeels like

Celene (NEW)

Egyptian cotton
Australia's best luxury towel
Worlds finest combed cotton
Heavenly softness and plush touch
Heavier weight for everyday luxury
Generously sized
Highly absorbent and long lasting


Bamboo Cotton
Naturally absorbent
Anti-bacterial properties
Silky soft
Colour fast
Odour resistant


100% Cotton
Long lasting texture and natural shine
Highly absorbent
Luxurious density and softness
Strong and durable
Used in five star hotels

Mia and Zola

Premium Turkish Cotton
Elegant designs
Stylish border construction
Two-ply combed cotton
Super absorbent



How do I care for my towels?

Always wash your new towels in a cool/warm machine wash before you use them. Sometimes it can take a few washes for a new towel to achieve its maximum absorbency. Avoid using fabric softeners which leave a “coating” on the towelling loops, which in turn reduces their absorbency. Tumble drying on a medium heat will give your towels the softest finish. Alternatively, shake your towels and hang them on a washing line, taking care not to leave towels out too long in the hot sun.